A gaming room is a great addition to a family home. It allows you to have a space where people can play games freely and out of the way from the rest of the house. Having all the games in one area means the rest of the house doesn’t get cluttered with video games or board games.

It also ensures that there aren’t video games or board games pulling focus in every room of the house. If you are looking to create a gaming room but you’re not sure where to begin then this article is for you with 5 tips on how to make a gaming room.

Soundproof the room

The first thing you should do when creating a DIY gaming room is to soundproof the room. A gaming room is naturally going to be loud so soundproofing it ensures that you won’t disturb other members of the house or the neighbours. It also allows people who are using the game room to be engrossed in the game they are playing without worrying about the noise.

You can hire a contractor to soundproof the room for you, or if you are on a budget you can soundproof the room yourself. You can acquire packs of foam soundproofing boards that will allow you to DIY soundproof the gaming room. It’s also best practice to install carpeted flooring and heavy curtains to add an extra layer of insulation.

Use space wisely

Although it’s an exciting project, you need to plan what you want in the gaming room before getting ahead of yourself. Draw a floor plan to help you figure out where games are going to go within the room to ensure you have enough space for the games and the family.

You also want to try and ensure that all your electrical equipment is near an outlet to avoid having cables on display or running across the room.

Decorate the room

After soundproofing the gaming room it’s time to decorate the room. I’d suggest sticking to neutral colours for the walls or even going for a darker colour. Before painting the room, make sure you know how to plaster a wall for a smooth paint application.

You can then add brightly coloured artwork to reflect your family's favourite games to play. This will help to bring the room together and add your own touch to it.

Install lighting strategically

Lighting can have a big impact on your gaming experience. Rather than having one main light in the room, install accent lighting on certain parts of the room that you want to brighten. This will help you to avoid glare on the screens and add extra light to areas that need it.

For example, if you have a pool table in your gaming room then it would be a good idea to have a hanging light above it to help brighten up the area.

Invest in gaming furniture

If your family are big video game fans then it’s a good idea to invest in proper gaming furniture. A lot of gaming furniture comes with built-in speakers, meaning that you can have some family members playing video games and others playing board games without distracting each other.

Gaming furniture is also built to be comfy for people that play video games a lot and they are built to last so you can easily get 5-10 years of use out of them.

Time for you to create your gaming room

Now that I have shared my tips on how to make a gaming room, you should be ready to create your own gaming room for the whole family to enjoy. No matter how much space you have, these tips will help you to use it to your advantage.

Remember to soundproof your gaming room before anyone uses it to avoid getting complaints from the neighbours or other members of the house.