Do you have a naturally dark kitchen and you’re struggling to brighten it? These 5 tips will help you add more light to your kitchen to open the space and bring it to life. This guide to brightening a dark kitchen covers everything from redecorating to simply adding the right accents to brighten your space.

For best practice, you should follow multiple of these tips to ensure your kitchen looks bright and fresh all year round. These tips are perfect for all budgets and don’t require you to completely redesign your kitchen in order to bring some life into it.

Add a mirror

Mirrors are a great way to add light into a room without taking up a lot of space or conflicting with your décor. Utilising a mirror creates the illusion of light and space to make your kitchen look more open and brighter. Try to place your mirror where the light naturally hits in your kitchen so it can reflect that light to the rest of the room.

When it comes to the mirror itself, you can pick up some great mirrors from Ikea at an affordable price. If you have neutral or white walls, you could also experiment with implementing a dark border around the mirror to contrast against the wall and make it stand out.

Install tactical lighting

If you have a naturally dark kitchen, you need to think carefully about where you place your lights. Having lights installed in places where the light naturally hits won’t have much impact on brightening your kitchen. Therefore, you need to place your lights in the particularly dark areas of your kitchen in order to brighten it.

Floor lights are a great way to brighten your kitchen in a discreet way whilst having a big impact. Another great way to incorporate lighting into your decor is through under cabinet lights. They allow you to light up your space in a subtle yet effective way. You can acquire under cabinet lights that are turned on through motion sensors, making them energy efficient so you only use them when you need to.

Another way to use lighting to your advantage is through hanging lights as you can place them over specific points in your kitchen you want to light up. For example, if you have a breakfast bar or island, this is a great area to brighten with hanging lights as it will make the overall area appear lighter.

Create contrast with colours

Utilising bright colours to contrast against your dark kitchen will make the room appear brighter. A great way to use bright colours within your space is through a feature wall. You can use paint or wallpaper to create a bright feature wall that will open your space. If you decide to paint your kitchen, ensure you know how to plaster a wall beforehand to ensure a smooth application.

Another way to incorporate colours into your kitchen is through artwork. You can create a gallery wall that has splashes of colour throughout each piece of artwork to add colour in a more subtle way.

Keep the base of your kitchen white

It’s becoming more popular to have a colourful or even dark kitchen nowadays, however, if your kitchen is naturally dark, this may not be the best way to go. Keeping the base of your kitchen white instantly makes it appear brighter without having to do too much work.

From here you can add whatever colours you like with your kitchenware and accessories. Keeping the base neutral and adding a splash of colours in other areas will keep your kitchen looking brighter.

Use metallic accents where possible

Much like mirrors, when the light hits metallic surfaces, it reflects off them and brightens the rest of the room. Therefore, you should aim to utilise them where possible in your kitchen to create a brighter space.

Most kitchens come with a metallic sink, however, if you don’t have one then I’d suggest acquiring one as it will really brighten your kitchen. You can also use metallic objects within your décor such as metallic mirror frames and tea and coffee canisters. Having these metallic accents within your kitchen will automatically brighten your kitchen.

Now it’s your turn to brighten your kitchen

Now that I have outlined how to brighten a dark kitchen it’s time for you to apply these tips to your space and bring it to life. Whether you apply one or all of these tips, you will see a difference in your kitchen.

My biggest tip would be to use reflective accents in your kitchen such as mirrors and metallic accessories. Using metallic accents in your kitchen will ensure the light that does come in is reflected throughout your space, thus brightening it.