After spending a lot of money making the inside of your house look nice, it may be time to start on the outside. A good looking yard not only increases appeal, but also adds value to your home, so should never be forgotten about, even if you are on a tight budget. Having a nice front yard can increase your property value by a huge 77%, so it is really worth taking the effort to improve the overall look.

6 Front yard landscaping ideas

Repurpose old tyres into planters

Getting rid of old tyres is usually a difficult task, as most waste disposal services do not accept them. Instead, saving the trouble and repurposing them into decorative features in your front yard is a good way to not only reuse them, but save yourself a lot of hassle.

You will most likely need to completely wash the tyres before you start work on repurposing them, but making them into planters is a relatively easy process: Firstly, paint and decorate the tyres, letting them dry. Then attach something such as burlap or an OSB board as a backing to hold the soil in the tyres, drilling some holes for drainage. Then fill the tyres with soil and plants.

Adding solar-powered lights along a path or your drive

Solar-powered lights will complement any driveway or path, making them look more expensive and high-end. Using solar-power will mean that, not only will they reduce your carbon footprint, but you will not have to pay for electricity, so it is a good option if you’re on a budget. This is a versatile method to not only add lighting, which is great for safety, but to guide guests into your home. They are practical and affordable, so great for people on a tight budget, and easily found at any home and gardening store.

Add a garden wall

Building a garden wall is a great way to segment your front yard off from the rest of the street and make it seem more exclusive and upmarket. Building a garden wall can be carried out in as little as five simple steps. You will need to buy some bricks and mortar, but these can be purchased inexpensively, and building the wall yourself will save on labour costs. DIY garden walls can also be decorated with foliage or mirrors, making them look more aesthetically appealing and adding curbside appeal.

Hanging baskets

Hanging baskets are a great way to add a pop of colour to any front yard, and you can really experiment with the mixtures and variations of plants and flowers added. There is not one right material to use if creating hanging baskets. They can be created using plastic hanging planters, wire baskets lined with cocoa liners, rattan baskets or even glazed pottery containers with attached hooks.

When choosing plants to add to hanging baskets, avoid ones with extensive root systems, trees, and shrubs. As well as this, avoid plants that will become too large and quickly outgrow the basket as it will most likely die.

Trellis for a climbing plant

A way to make the front walls of your house more pretty and interesting is adding a trellis with a climbing plant. We recommend clematis, as it is one of the easiest and fastest-growing plants to take care of.

You can even DIY your own trellis with some timber and some screws, organising them diagonally so they run diagonally in a grid. If you wanted to add a pop of colour, you could stain the timber or paint it, which may give it a more rustic look. You could even repurpose an old pallet by taking it apart, cutting the lengths of wood and organising them in a way which can allow a plant to grow up. Adding a netting like chicken wire is also a cheap alternative, and will give the plant something to cling onto.

Add paving

Adding pavers, such as raw-cut stone or thinly cut logs, is a practical and cheap landscaping idea that can look very expensive, when a lot of the time, you can find these materials for a great price, or even for free. They can act as a great focal point to build the rest of your garden on, creating different sections or building out from the pavers with flower beds or other features.

If you have a front lawn, adding a path to your front yard will connect your front door to the street. This will make your garden “flow” and seem more natural, keep your feet dry, and make access to your house easier. It can help to add shape to the whole garden area.

Ready to get landscaping?

If you’re ready to upgrade the look of your front yard on a budget, the cheapest way is always going to be to recycle, reuse, and repurpose old or unused things that you have. But adding some simple hanging baskets or a trellis, it will help to improve the overall look of your property and add value to your home.